The Wosports Hunting Rangefinder Review

The Wosports Hunting Rangefinder Review

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In the hunting community, purchasing a rangefinder is a very important step. Rangefinders are going to give you the ability to track your game, making sure it never gets lost, and help you get the kill faster.

Today we are going to review the Wosports Hunting Rangefinder. It is our hope to see whether it is worth purchasing for you.

Features of the Wosports Hunting Rangefinder

The Hunting Rangefinder comes equipped with a lot of features to enhance your targeting or hunting experience and ensure that you are always one step closer to hitting what you are aiming for. Why have we decided to review this particular product? What drew us to it in the first place was the price.

If you are currently looking through all of the brands that develop rangefinders and their products, you will find that they will range in price.

Some of the more advanced models can definitely get up in price and if you are not willing to fork over a great deal of money you can be out of luck! This is why it is best to find one with a lot of features that still does not break the bank; this is why we are reviewing this Wosports product!

First of all, the Wosports Hunting Rangefinder has been made exclusively for people who want to accurately hit their target, whether it is sport shooting or hunting game.

It has been equipped with both range- and speed-measuring capabilities in order to boost your accuracy and get to your game faster and easier than ever before. The most important thing you are will want to take a look at in a rangefinder is precision.

There are some knockoff products that are simply not going to offer you the best results. The Wosports finder is highly precise and has a magnification by the objective level at 6 x 25mm.

The accuracy is plus or minus just 1 yard, and they also have a speed-accuracy level of plus or minus 5 km/hour. These are fantastic abilities that you do not want to miss out on!

Anyone who has hunted before knows how difficult it can be due to certain weather conditions. Sometimes you can be out on a beautiful day, but the weather can turn on a dime and you get completely soaked; this has happened to us multiple times.

The Wosports Hunting Rangefinder has been built to combat any of these issues by protecting itself with an outer shell that has been completely rubberized.

This ensures the product’s durability and how it can take a lot of “damage” from outside forces. This rangefinder is fully weatherproof, features a grip that will not slip, is fully lightweight, and can still be in the solid working condition under extraneous circumstances.

The Wosports Hunting Rangefinder measures only 127 mm by 80 mm by 43 mm and weighs just 220 grams. This makes it ideal to take with you and it will never get in the way.

This is highly beneficial for anyone who wants to strictly concentrate on their hunting ability without their device getting in the way.

The rangefinder is also resistant to both water and dust, ensuring that it is going to last a long time and you will get the best bang for your buck. This comes with a carrying case, a strap to connect it to your wrist so you will not lose it, a 3-volt battery to ensure it works, and also a cleaning cloth made out of microfiber ensuring you can keep it clean.


  • Extra durable
  • Easy to use
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Very lightweight
  • Concise and compact
  • Very accurate


  • No cons at this point
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Final verdict

Before we explain our final verdict, which you can definitely guess is positive, we wanted to encourage you to also take the time to look at other rangefinders on the market. In order to find the one that is going to work the best for you, you have to put in some work to find what is going to benefit you the best.

Decide how far you need your rangefinder to go and how often you will be using it. We also recommend setting aside a budget, so you can look within that certain price range.

With that being said, the Wosports Hunting Rangefinder is definitely one of the best rangefinders on the market today especially at this price point. We could not find anything wrong with it as it is very durable, highly accurate, easy to use, and also SO AFFORDABLE!

That is the best part about it. If you are a beginner looking for something to use, we highly recommend buying this one! We wish you the best in your purchase!