Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder Review

Sig Sauer 6x20 KILO1250 Laser Rangefinder SIGSOK12601 Review

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In general, the rule on high tech devices is that when they’re advanced, they’re also a bit more complicated to use. That’s why you need to balance the two aspects of advanced features and ease of use.

Such a balance works out rather nicely with the Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder (Black, Class 3R). It’s generally considered as the most advanced rangefinder that’s still regarded as easy to use.

Features of the Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder (Black, Class 3R)

This is a 6x20mm monocular, and it’s a rangefinder that’s both advanced and yet no hassle to use.

  • This comes with 6x magnification. While it does only come with a 20 mm objective lens, antireflection coatings have been applied so you get optical clarity and brightness.
  • The new Lightwave DSP Technology gives you a rangefinder engine that provides a range of up to 1,600 yards. The results are also very quick to arrive, and in HyperScan mode, you can get 4 updates on the distance-to-target every second. There’s also the RangeLock feature that reports on the most recent range results.
  • Here you get your readings by line-of-sight or by angle-modified range to take the incline or decline into account. The readings can be in yards or meters. What’s more, the readings aren’t rounded off to the nearest yard or meter. Instead, it’s rounded off to the nearest tenth of a yard. So you can really be more precise since instead of a distance of 438 yards you can get a reading of 438.7 yards.
  • You’ll see the data in nice and clear LCD displays, and the device is extremely easy to use. Basically, you only need to use the Mode button to pick the kind of model you want, and then you press the Range button for when you want to get a reading of the distance to the target.
  • This is a nice compact unit that you can easily use with one hand. What’s more, the design is sleek enough that you can operate it with only one hand, too. It will just take a bit of practice to do that. The black readout is also easy to read in low light conditions. As long as you have enough ambient light to see your target, you also have enough light to read the measurements on the display.
  • The compact design also makes this very easy to bring along with you. It even has built-in points for lanyard attachments.


  • Perhaps the most notable benefit you can get with the Sig Sauer KILO 1250 is its fantastic reliability. This thing really gives you extremely accurate measurements, and you get them astonishingly quickly. There’s no fuss and hassle about it. Focus on the target, click the range button, and read the measurement.
  • The range is also fantastic, so even if you’re a long-range shooter you can find it useful. It’s also terrific that the measurements are given up to a tenth of a yard for even more precise readings. For trees, the limit is up to 950 yards, and for deer, it’s even up to 750 yards.
  • There’s no doubt that this is very easy to use. First of all, it’s very compact, and it’s no trouble to bring along. It only weighs 5 ounces and that’s with the battery inside. The shape and size also allow you to not just hold but to also use this with just one hand. For most of the other rangefinders, you need a second hand to focus on your target.
  • It even accounts for inclines and declines to the target. This is often important when the target area is located much higher or lower than where you are.


  • The black readouts make it rather useless for nighttime hunting. You won’t be able to read the measurements on the screen.
  • There aren’t any special features for the battery. There’s no reading for remaining battery power, and there’s no automatic shutoff feature either.
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Who Is It For

This is great for hunters, especially in the mountains when your target may be high up or down low to your position. This rangefinder accounts for the incline, and that’s a great bonus to add to its exceptional accuracy.

But golfers will love this as well. It offers fast readings via a no-fuss interface. Just take a quick read, set it aside, take the right golf club, and take a swing.


The advanced nature of the Sig Sauer KILO1200 isn’t about the special features. It’s about the expected features. Here you get supremely accurate distance measurements, and they come to you exceptionally fast.

It’s also extremely easy to use and that’s not something that you get to see in every rangefinder.

You’ll want this because it does what it’s supposed to do extremely well. It’s really that simple. It won’t give you problems as it will solve your problems in hunting and golf instead.