How to Use a Rangefinder

How to Use a Rangefinder

Rangefinders are going to enhance your hunting ability, but how do they work, and how can you use one?

How to Use a Rangefinder and How do they work?

The best thing about using rangefinders these days, more specifically laser rangefinders, is that they are incredibly accurate and also concise and compact. On top of these things, they also will not break the bank and you can get great ones that are under $100.

Ask any experienced hunter and they will tell you that you should definitely get one but in order to know which one to buy you need to know how they work and how to use one.

The easiest way we can explain how a rangefinder works is that you click a simple button and the rangefinder shoots a laser beam directly to whatever you are targeting. There is a device on the inside, many people call it a clock, that is able to tell you how long it took for the laser beam to hit your target and come back to you.

On top of the time, it can also tell you the distance the target is away from you within plus or minus 1 yard or even less. There is an LCD display on many of the best laser rangefinders that will tell you all that you need to know.

Now for ranges, it all depends on what type of equipment you are using. If you purchase a rangefinder for your rifle, you will probably need a range of 600 to 1,200 yards or even more, so when you are looking at one on the market, you have to take this into account.

However, if you are using a bow and arrow for your game, then you should find one that maxes out at 800 yards.

Always remember that objects that are hard or reflect light easier, such as a rock, will be able to be measured further away than anything that is soft such as the skin of an animal or trees.

On many packages of rangefinders, it will say the range for various types of targets so you can know if you should buy it or not. There are also models that are built strictly for archery, and these are going to help you if that is your forte.

Strong manufactures

The best models of rangefinders will come with a strong feature that will provide you with the perfect reading of the horizontal distance between you and whatever you are targeting. There are also many that also factor in the degrees of incline or decline that you are at, as these will have a direct impact on how close or far away you are from your target, as opposed to being on the same level as it.

In order to really improve your hunting, you need a rangefinder as it will tell you how much gravity is at play and where exactly you need to be or aim to hit your target.

The magnification aspect

All rangefinders come with some form of magnification so you can properly range your target. Usually, you can magnify up to 6-8 times, depending on the brand you have purchased.

Think of your rangefinder as a great set of binoculars, but also remember that the more you magnify, the more your field of vision is going to lessen, so it can be harder to locate your target from further away.

The lenses

In order to properly use a rangefinder, you also have to understand how the lenses work. Lenses obviously attract light and that light can go directly into your eye.

In order to reduce any glare that can harm your eyes, rangefinders have been coated with special chemicals to help you determine how much light hits you.

The more coatings you have (such as on a fully multi-coated rangefinder) the brighter the picture will be and the more expensive the cost. Lenses are very important and you need to find one that has at least been fully coated.


Using a rangefinder is as easy as clicking a button, but to master it, check out more tutorials online. The manufacturer’s website will usually have a demonstration video on using the product.