Bushnell The Truth with ClearShot 202442 4x20mm Review

Bushnell The Truth with ClearShot 202442 4x20mm Review

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If there’s one thing that hunters, shooters, and golfers have in common, it’s the need to know precisely how far the target is. But distance can be a bit deceptive in terms of ballistics when your target is far up high above you or down below you.

You require a rangefinder that can tell you the real distance you need to know about, and that’s the truth with ClearShot 202442 4x20mm from Bushnell. It’s a laser rangefinder that Team Primos approves of, and golfers can use it too.

Features of the Bushnell The Truth with ClearShot 202442 4x20mm

Here are some of the key features you can expect from the Bushnell 202442 rangefinder:

  • This comes with ARC (Angle Range Compensation) technology, so you know the true horizontal distance based on the angle of the target from your position. The angle range here extends from -90 degrees to 90 degrees.
  • This also comes with ClearShot technology. Basically, it tells you right away whether or not you have a clear shot on your target, or if you have branches that can block your shot. You can also calibrate this rangefinder so that if you’re using a bow you’ll know the maximum height the arrow will travel on the way to your target.
  • The range of the range finder varies depending on what you’re targeting. The minimum range is 7 yards, and for deer, the maximum range is 200 yards. That’s extended to 600 yards if you’re trying to see how far a tree line is from you. If your target is reflective, then the range extends out to 850 yards.
  • This is rainproof.
  • You can get up to 4x magnification, which really helps with target identification.


  • It’s great that you can accurately check the distance of a target up to 200 yards for deer and up to 600 yards for tree lines. Those distances are way above average.
  • The accuracy is also quite superb. There’s really no need to take a lot of different readings and then take a leap of faith on which figure is right. This gives you the same figure each time, and you can take it to the bank. This also brings you the true horizontal distance instead of just the line of sight distance.
  • The ClearShot function is a nice bonus feature. You can make sure you have a clear shooting lane for your bullet or arrow. With the bow, you can even find out the exact trajectory that your arrow will take towards the target.
  • It’s extremely easy to use. There’s just a single button, and most of the time everything’s done automatically. You point it at your target, and you get a read-out of the distance. Since it’s designed to focus more on reflective objects, if you’re targeting a dark boar then all you need to do is focus on something nearby with a lighter color. Getting the focus means just twisting the eyepiece to get a nice clear and sharp image. The focus knob turns smoothly, but not so easily that you can accidentally turn the knob.
  • It’s also convenient to bring along. It’s compact and its shape makes it nice and easy to hold. It’s even rainproof, so if you’re hunting in the rain, there’s no reason to worry.
  • This Bushnell is also quite durable, which is why it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. They know for a fact that you will like it, and that you can drop this and it’ll still work.
  • Bushnell is nice enough to include the battery it needs to run. It only needs a single CR2 battery. If that’s not easy to get in your area, you can always order more online. But you won’t need to order so soon, as some people can go through a year of use without changing the battery.


Is it perfect? Well, there are a few minor issues.

  • It’s not completely waterproof, so you don’t want to drop this in a lagoon. In fact, it’s not really fog-proof
  • Setting it up may be a rather more complicated procedure, especially with a bow.
  • The readout isn’t really all that easy to read in low light conditions.
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Who Is It Best For?

This is best for hunters, especially those who sometimes use bows for hunting. While it can be of some use when you’re out on the links, its true purpose is on the hunting grounds and not on the golf course.


If you’re a buyer, then the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Laser Rangefinder from Bushnell basically a must-have item. That’s especially true if you have a bow. It’s extremely useful and it’s easy to use too.

Have this with you on your next hunt, and you will always have a precise assessment of the true distance of your target. That makes it easier for you to hit your target, and for hunting, that’s always a good thing.